anyone heard of

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Has anyone heard of having a diganosis of stage 1 low grade neg. bone marrow and Pet after removing lymph node and then getting a blood test come back saying small papulation of kappa light chain restricted CD5+ B-cells. For some reason my oncologist is puzzled, she expected this test to come back neg. since the bone marrow was neg. She tells me now that she is not sure of stage or if one of the tests are inacuate. I am going for a second opinion on Wed. and she wants the new dr. to retest the blood. So I feel like I am starting all over again. Was going for the second opinion with all my results just to see if her treatment plan was matching the Dr. that I have now. I fear another bone marrow test so soon. I was upset about a cancer dianosis, then I got good news for having cancer that it wansnt in my bone marrow nor did I have anything show in the PET. I was ready for some radiation and then wait and see. Now everything seems different and it is maybe a different situation. AGH!!