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I can't freakin believe it. Here I go again, apparently, I have to have surgery again. On top of that they can't get my thyroid levels to level off, they are all over the place. My surgery is for a hiatal hernia, that I have had for sometime, but because of all my back problems/surgeries they put it off. Now they say I have to get it taken care of. Doc says it is the largest hiatal hernia he has ever seen. Well why didn't we fix it before it got so bad? On top of that, I have had the flu since last Wednesday and I am still nauseated. Crazy, seems like I just keep shaking hands with Mr. Murphy. I would like to see Mr. Murphy go thru some of what I have, but oh yeah he's always there shaking hands so he must be going thru it too.LOL Thanks for letting me blow, I am just tired of the same ole crap different day! I haven't been back to work since March 2009. My job awaits, I just can't seem to fricken get there!!!
Make it a great day!
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    I'm so sorry you're having a rough day!
    Cass, I pray better days come soon! I agree with you on the hernia surgery, why didn't they take care of it before it got to be so large it's now made it into your surgeon's record books?! I have a ventral hernia, which will probably never be repaired because of all the adhesions I have from infection, so I know from whence you speak about having a large hernia! I sure hope you get to feeling better and the nausea goes away soon; enough already!
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    I am sorry you have to


    I am sorry you have to go through this. Here's hoping this will be your last procedure + you can get back to the job that awaits you. I haave been wondering how you are doing; glad to see you here.
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    Discount Rate?
    Hi Cass

    Let's see if we can get a discounted rate on our rooms, eh?

    I'm sorry you are facing another surgery - I'm up for my 9th in 5 years, so I hear ya' loud and clear.

    It is a shame they did not address this sooner and let it get worse - and they wonder why there is some "distrust" in the medical profession, huh?

    Here's to getting your mind right to fight - and shake off those bugs too:)

    You're too feisty to let an ol' surgery get you down - I can already hear you hollerin':)

    But, I really do hope all things go well - cancer is like a bomb and once it explodes, we are left picking up the pieces many years later - but we're Semis and this is the life we lead.

    "Make it a great day!"

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    the merry-go-round
    I know how you feel - time to stop the merry-go-round and get off, but no one will let you off. One thing follows another. I pray this is the LAST of it all for you, so you can get back to work and other things you enjoy in life.