Brooks is here and still pooping!!!

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Hi guys, Sorry I havent checken in a a while. I'm moving to Oregon at the end of the week. Then last week my internet whent down for a few days. I've been packing and just got home yesterday from making my first load to Oregon over the weekend. I'm pooping great now that my wife started me on Metamucil 3x a day. Worked like a charm!!! I even told my brother last week that I feel like I can go back to work... I'll check in again tomorrow.

Life is sure funny sometimes


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    Wahoo Brookes!
    Glad to know things are "working" for you! I had my take down on 5/13..spent 6 days in the hospital - and the past 3 weeks being pampered by my family and friends! I just started venturing off our back 40 this week...small trips...but I won't eat 3-4 hours prior to going out....I do pack a bag of extra clothes - just in case - but so far haven't needed them!

    I am still on a soft GI diet...I am afraid to go off of it and try "normal" food....

    The fatigue has gotten me...and sitting for more than 30 minutes....but I started walking again this week - so hopefully the fatigue will diminish.

    Good luck with your move! Glad you are healing well!
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    Pooping is good
    Glad as always to hear good news:)

    I know you are busy...moving is such a chore. I hope you will like Oregon. It is a beautiful state.

    Take care.Great that you feel like going back to work. I am waiting for that feeling for myself.

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    Making your first load to Oregon? Hopefully it was the first of many normal loads in Oregon!
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    Happy for you!
    Awesome! I'm glad you are doing so much better.

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    Pooping is good,it is always good to get it out.I hope your move goes well.
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    karguy said:

    Pooping is good,it is always good to get it out.I hope your move goes well.

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