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Hi everyone, just was reading this website and thought I would give an update. Ed is starting his 8th round of chemo tomorrow, xeloda and oxcyplatin, will do one more round in July then another pet scan to see if it is still working, keeping our fingers crossed. yes, he did buy that motorcycle a few weeks ago, is sitting in the garage, he is hoping someday that he will be strong enough to ride it. Diana and I are doing ok, somedays good, somedays not so good, it is a rollercoaster ride all the time with this disease. Ed is eating somewhat better on this chemo, not so much meat, but he has gained four pounds in about a month so that is a good thing. He is very tired still alot of the time, says he is sick of this chemo, cannot say I blame him, he has been on chemo since last December the first three rounds did not do anything, in fact, his cancer grew, but this new cocktail seemed to hit it pretty good. Is anyone else on this combo? Are you getting good results from it? I am glad spring is here and we can at least get out, sit in the yard, takes drives, it is so much better than the winter when we all were kept in the house. New England winters are tough.
I have been reading all the posts everyday and are wishing everyone well. Just thought I would give a quick update. Praying all the time that this chemo continues to do well.



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    Hey Linda Ed and
    Hey Linda Ed and Dianna
    Thanks for your recent update. Glad to hear that Ed has gained some weight, and that this chemo cocktail seems to be doing the trick! My dad was on xeloda, and did very well with it.
    This is the only chemo he did along with radiation. As far as the bike is concerned, what the heck, Ed got his way, if all else fails you can always sell it! Best of luck to all of you as you continue this battle. Keep us updated, I will continue to pray for you all daily.