cancer has returned

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I had a bowel resection and colostomy last Nov. Just found out 2 days ago that cancer has returned. Cat scan shows several enlarged lymph nodes in abdominal cavity. Anyone here who is going through this and can offer words of wisdom or help?? I'm new on here


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    There are many


    There are many knowledgable people on this site who know far more than me. When you say bowel resection, was it in your colon? and how much was removed. I myself had 15cm of my sigmoid colon removed last year along with 27 lymphnodes. Four of the nodes tested positive so I was staged at 3b or c, I really can't recall which one. Since the cancer had spread into the lymphnodes my Oncologist recommended Chemo, which I did. The surgeon was confident all cancer was removed and the Chemo was just an adjuvent treatment or as they put it an insurance policy of sorts in case there was any rogue cancer sells on the loose.

    I am currently recuperating from surgery to remove an abcess, which also caused a fistula in my Colon. So I am now like you, a colostomate. They tell me temporarily, so my Colon can heal on it's own and we don't have to do another surgery to repair the fistula. I guess the best advice I can offer is get your rest and keep a positive attitude. Positive thoughts and well wishes are being sent your way.

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    It sounds like you had a rectal resection from your description.

    Your CT shows enlargement of the lymph nodes in the abdominal area...have they suggested a PET scan to help determine if the nodes are cancerous? Are your CEA levels very high? How did they reach the conclusion that the nodes were cancerous? Did they do a needle biopsy?

    Have you been on any chemo at all yet? If so, what kinds were they?

    I'm asking you this to try and understand what has been done to you, so we can see if we can provide any of our experience to yours.

    It's hard to make a determination at this point, so if you can tell us more, it will certainly help.

    Welcome to the board:)

    Recurrence is always where the battle of cancer is waged - it's what makes it so tough to fight...but you can go round to round with him - many good treatments and drugs available today that were not even just 5 years ago - good stuff coming all the time - just hang in there.

    Please provide some more info and we'll try and answer more of your questions.

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    Welcome nightnurse,
    I am

    Welcome nightnurse,

    I am sorry you are going through this. I think you will find this forum very helpful; I know I have.
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    I can only reiterate Craig's comments. We can't really tell you our experiences without more knowledge of your experience. What stage were you after resection and did you do any chemo or radiation?

    Let us know a bit more and the members will be on to answer your questions.

    Welcome to the board and I think you will find our experiences very helpful to you in this journey. Click on our names and you can read our histories.

    Take care - Tina (caregiver to hubby George)