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I was in Cabo San Lucas last week and on the last day had terrible constipation followed by huge bloating, severe chest pains and hard time breathing. Ended up in mexican ER and the next flight out home to northern ca. Went to ER here and had numerous tests........they found an inflammation on my resection spot that might be infected AND a deflated gallbladder. It might also be my gallbladder failing. VERY painful and scary. I of course thot it was the beast again...........

Here's the rub, they did a contrast CT and found NO evidence of CC , no evidence from my bone scan three weeks ago either, my ONC and I talked at length and she said not to worry, my CEA may be arratic because of all this.

QUESTION..........has anyone had or heard of having a reoccurence with no evidence of mets just only a higher CEA number ?
My bone mets have been steadily disapeering and now they are all gone and I've had four clear scans.


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    Sorry to hear about your ER
    Sorry to hear about your ER visit, but am really glad to hear your scan was clear. I hope you are feeling better.
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    Sorry you are dealing with all of this ongoing mess - I can relate...

    Inflammation can cause a rise in CEA. You need to get the current situation under control and be healthy again, and then re-check CEA.

    I hope you feel better soon, and I bet once you do, your CEA will be back down too.