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I would like to thank everyone who responded to the concern regarding my daughter's attitude in the "Family" subject.

I am so thrilled to tell you that I received an email from her this morning offering any and all help I will need prior, during and after my surgery. She will be with me the day I come home, will take me to all doctors visits, grocery shop and do whatever else I need done. (We communicate daily through email because it is easier for us during the week.)

I am not a religious person but believe God is looking down on me and I will be well taken care of.

Thank you cancer survivors for your support and advice.

~~ Terry


  • Sundanceh
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    The Best Medicine
    So glad that this is turning around for you, Terry:)

    That will be a nice plus for you to have her with you - as you go along, I'm sure she will learn right along with you and get more familiar with what's going on.

    Such a shock right now, but glad she had had a change of heart.

    All the best

  • John23
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    Terry -

    My wife was a caregiver for me, but I still had visiting nurses
    coming in three+ times a week.

    I would strongly suggest you give that some serious thought also.

    It's great to have family that cares, but it's really great to relieve
    them of the almost overwhelming unprepared responsibility that
    would be bestowed onto them as a primary caregiver.

    I would let the nurses do what they get paid to do, and let the
    family do what they feel up to doing, when they feel up to doing it..

    Like they say: "It's the thought that counts".

    Best wishes for you!

  • AnneCan
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    I am happy for you, Terry!
    I am happy for you, Terry! Thanks for letting us know about this happy outcome!
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    AnneCan said:

    I am happy for you, Terry!
    I am happy for you, Terry! Thanks for letting us know about this happy outcome!

    this is very very good news....

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    Oh, Terry.

    I'm so happy that she came around in such a major way. That has to make you feel good!

  • geotina
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    That is indeed very good news. Now that she realizes what has happened, she has stepped up to the plate and will give you the help you need. To be honest, when George came home from the hospital, he only needed me around, all the time, the first few days. That being said, he had no problems with his surgery and was recovering very well when he did come home. My daughter also came in from Chicago for a few weeks. If she can help with things like changing sheets, laundry, and making sure the refrigerator is stocked with food you can eat will be a very big help to you. Your job will be to just sit, rest, nap and heal.

    Take care - Tina
  • PhillieG
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    Hi Terry
    I am glad to hear that your daughter is going to help you. Maybe she put herself in your shoes? True, cancer can ruin a lot of plans but some good things can come out of the experience if we are open to them.
    Living with cancer.
    You haven't survived cancer until you die from something else ;-)