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I have not posted in a long time but have been keeping up by reading everyone's post. My husband has been give two to four months and is entering his third phase one clinical trial. While at work on Sunday, I met a lady whose husband also have stage 4 colorectal cancer and was receiving treatment at BLOCK CENTER OF INTEGRATED CANCER TREATMENT IN EVANSVILLE near Chicago. You can read about it at ...she was telling me that her husband was responding to treatment and all the success stories she had heard from patients there. I of course excited went home and told my husband about it but he said it was too far and too late. I asked her to post on this board so that others could be aware of this treatment center. There are so many wonderful caring people on this site who are dealing with this monster that I wanted to at least let them be aware of something hopeful. We talked along time and what she said made a lot of sense. If this helps just one person, it will be well worth the time I took to write this short post. My husbands cancer has now spread to multi turmors in his lungs and multiple lymph nodes etc. We were told last month that we could go home and spend time together and they would connect us with hospice but even though they do not hold out much hope for any success for my husband with this new trial, he wanted to do it. He said at least he was doing something and if it did not help him then maybe it would help other cancer patients in the future. You do not know how much strength and encouragment you have given me. I continue to keep each of you in my thoughts and in my personal prayers.


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    Thank-you for sharing


    Thank-you for sharing this information with us. I hope your husband has great success with the clinical trial.
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    Anna,thanks for sharing the
    Anna,thanks for sharing the information.I hope everything goes well with your husband.You and your family are in my prayers.Take care.