First chemo today went well

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Over all it was not a bad experience. The nurse did have some trouble putting the IV in and had to change arms that hurt quite a bit. Then the benadryl made me free anxious and a little high even 2 hours after she gave me it. They might lower the dosage next time I go at the end of June. Was a very long day from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. but there were quite a few people there today which was not normal for a Wednesday. The over flow was due to the office being closed for Memorial Day. So hopefully next time it will go quicker. Thanks to all who wrote with advise yesterday when I was so worried. And thanks to my great husband who was right there by my side through it all today and he is not a patient man but he endured the waiting with me.


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    One down!
    Hi Michaelynn,

    I'm so happy to hear you got through the first chemo with few problems and with the love and support of your husband. Hopefully the remaining treatments will be easier now that you know what to expect. I get really groggy from the benedryl. Let's hope they adjust your dosage so that it is more tolerable for you.

    Hang in there!

    Peace and Hope,

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    Good Girl!!!!!!
    See not so bad. I know that happens sometimes with the iv. But you will be fine. Give hubby a big hug. The others will be just as good, be patient and don't worry about time. This is your time now and you have to relax and get things done. Hugs. June
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    Glad you made it through the first treatment
    Have you thought about getting a port for your chemo? Especially since they had trouble with the first infusion. Chemo is very hard on the veins. I had excellent veins before I started chemo, but after 2 sessions my veins were not very good and I asked to have port. It can be used for lab draws, CAT scans and chemo. I would highly recommend the port.

    My chemo days were 8 - 5 each time, too. This is with getting lab and seeing the doctor the day before, too. So I understand the long day.

    Good luck with your other treatments. Glad your husband can be there for you. Mine was with me each treatment, each doctor's appointment and each CAT scan. That means so much.

    Hope these next days are good for you, too. In peace and caring.