My BRACA Moment of terror!

Cindy Ann
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A bit ago I got a call from D from MYRIAD Genetics. Heart sped up( the cardiac med didn't slow it LOL)she wanted to tell me the cost if I don't get approved by the medical board to be a part of a trial because of my daughter's results last week. I am saying to myself "Really! Really!"You got my heart racing over money. Then as I relax( foolish me)she hits me up with you know your doctor has ordered more then the normal BRACA testing. After taking a deep (felt like 15 min) breath all I could say is "why?" Of course again no answer besides call your doc. I have him on speed dial. Believe me I called. D could of saved me a great deal anxiety if she had told me(or was educated in her job) that it is common practice for doctors to order comprehensive BRACA analysis when you already have BC. Good way to make you not care about the cost though. Think about here for a brief time your thinking my God it's worse then I thought or they wouldn't be ordering all these additional expensive tests. Only to find out it's standard. So if this happens to any of you be aware it's the norm. They aren't thinking your BC is worse then you were told. They are just making sure they get it 100% right. So you can make a educated choice.. Whew!!!!! I swear I didn't know I could run in circles, not pee myself, and still think straight...Learn something new about yourself everyday!! LMAO!!

Please keep praying for a negative for me.. I appreciate all prayers and feel you can never pray enough for anyone...

Cindy Ann


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    Stories like yours show the funny side
    but thanks for the heads up, and of course I will say a prayer for you Cindy Ann and will you say one for me too, I had the MRI this morning and will hear the results on the 10th, I am hoping for clean results in my left breast, thank you so much.

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    Anything realted to diagnostics
    and waiting for the results make me a little nuts so I can understand the moment of panic. My onc warned me that I might get a call from them but told me it would be related to $$$ depending upon how much my insurance would pay. I actually worried when I didn't get a call that my blood sample was touring the country somewhere and I wasn't going to get the results back....