transitional cell cancer

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My dad had his right kidney and ureter tube removed last week. Unfortunately, on his pathology report, it said that nine out of ten lymph nodes removed tested positive for cancer. His ct scan didnt show cancer in other parts of his body. We have yet met with an oncologist. We are from Alaska, and are presently in Seattle for treatment. His report said T3. The main surgeon was out of town, and the fellowship doctor was very grim. He told us that there was nothing more they could do for my father, this cancer is aggressive,and it does not respond well to chemo. I am hoping someone can offer us some better advise, recommend a good oncologist in the Northwest area, as well as be honest with me, as to a timeline that we can expect for my father. He is really depressed, and minus a kidney, a jp drainage on his side, and now this news. Any help, words of encouragement, and advise would be greatly appreciated.


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    Transitional cell cancer
    My wife, 59 years old, had her right kidney, ureter, part of her bladder, and two lymph nodes removed about 4 months ago. One lymph node had cancer. She was also diagnosed as being stage III. I have read a lot about transitional cell carcinoma. My layman's understanding is that it's a rare cancer, it's treated like bladder cancer, but the jury is out on whether chemo or radiation actually make a difference. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines for bladder cancer (which also covers transitional cell cancer) recommend chemotherapy treatment with Gemcitabine (gemzar) and Cisplatin. This is what my wife is receiving. She'll get 4 cycles of chemotherapy. Each cycle consists of one week of gemzar and cisplatin followed the next week with only gemzar followed by a third week with nothing. She will be finished with the chemotherapy in two weeks and then will have imaging tests to see if the cancer is gone. I don't know anything medical care in the Northwest, but I do see that one of the panel members who prepared the NCCN guidelines is a doctor named Paul Lange at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. I imagine he would be a good person to go to first. I can email you a copy of the NCCN guidelines if you'd like. Just let me know an email address to send them to. Best of luck to you and your dad.