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Hello Everyone,

It's been quite a while since I've posted last, but here is my story in a nut shell. . .

June '03 I had surgery for what I thought was just a routine procedure for some female problems.I ended up having a total hysterectomy and a bowel resection. Thank God for a very thorough surgeon. Cancer was found on the outside of my colon and had spread to my uterus and ovaries. I really had no symptoms other than a few female things, but enough that I went to the doctor.I had 6 months of chemo, 5FU,Lucavorin, Oxaliplatin (I hope I spelled those correctly)

I had genetic testing done, which showed a gene mutation. My sister has the same mutation. She had Uterine cancer last year.

Routine scans and scopes have all been negative for the past 7 years. Until this past April I had a colonoscopy which showed a growth. Because of my history and the genetic testing results all doctors recommended a colectomy. The surgeon said I would have a temporary bag which would be reversable.I had surgery May 7. The surgeon was very pleased with everything he saw, he went straight for the j-pouch,no bag.

All pathology results are negative. No other cancers are seen. I still have to wait to see the oncologist on Thursday to see if she will want me to have chemo again. I pray to God I don't. It was not an easy time for me 7 years ago.

The past 3 weeks has had it's ups and downs as my body gets used to its new system.It definitely has been very emotional and frustrating at times.I have family and friends who have been supporting me every step of the way, which I am very thankful for.

I will greatly accept any advise anyone has to offer. Thank you for listening.



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    It sounds like the


    It sounds like the feelings you are having are very normal for what you are going through. I am glad you have family + friends supporting you; that is really important. I really appreciate you posting + telling your story. Please let us know what you find out after your onc visit; I will be thinking of you + hoping for only good things. Take good care.