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well I have my room reserved in Houston and my angel flight will be set next week and started pain patch last week and supposed to get pain block shot Tuesday but patch made b/s go sky high ended up in ER stopped the patch and now I can't get the shot or pump so I will deal with it am excited about going for 2nd opion and will make choices afterward and I know more about where I am at. I am not giving up but on the other hand I am not scared of death.I know where I will go and that will be up to some one higher up than me. I haven't been in much because I just can't sit very long...thank all fo you for the prayers and please keep it up...


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    thank you for the update!
    Please, have somebody post for you if you aren't feeling up to sitting! We all know how uncomfortable that can be at times! I am so sorry you are still having problems getting your pain under control, I continue to pray for you and that they find some relief for your pain. Be strong and God be with you on this journey ahead.
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    I'll be praying for wonderful results from all of this.

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    I am glad that you are getting closer to see the new Dr. at M.D Anderson,I am sure they will have a plan for you.From my part you will continue in my daily prayers.
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    Hi Louann,
    Thanks so much

    Hi Louann,

    Thanks so much for posting; I have been wondering how you are doing. I hope the second opinion gives you all the answers you need. Take good care!
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    I hope
    I hope you get good answers on your second opinion,I will be praying for you.