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Yeah! I finally got a call from UCSF and the insurance co. approved the clinical trials! I was really starting to get whinney, but feel better already! I heard from the nurse that I should be there Wed. to begin! Then I got a call from the clinical research coordinator (who is on vacation out of state) to confirm the appt.! I am constantly amazed by how I can get so down while in the "waiting game" to be so high when the right answer come in. Not that I wish any of this cra[py cancer on anyone, but I wish the people at the insurance offices would really understand what we go through waiting. I guess it's not just the insurance, but all of the people and offices we deal with. Didn't they hear we weren't supposed to be stressed! Anyway, thank you all for your wishes and kind thoughts. You saw me through this crazy waiting time. Now it's time for the trial!! Who would think you could get so excited about starting chemo again!! Jean


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    Congratulations, I am


    Congratulations, I am really happy this came through for you. I wish you good results with the trial.
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    I think insurance companies missed the "don't stress the cancer patients" memo.
    I glad the trial got approved!
    Moving forward is always better than back, especially when dealing with cancer.
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    I'm so glad your plan is unfolding. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I know what you mean about those people in the offices and the insurance folks. They really need to stay sensitive to what everyone is going through.

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    Although I'm happy for those whose insurance companies have
    decided to pay for experimental chemicals, it really bothers me
    that those same companies refuse to pay for any alternative medicine.

    Thankfully, the Chinese Herbs I have taken cost less than a hundred
    bucks a month, and I only needed it for six month intervals, but it's
    still an expense.

    And for those that have decided to go the full Traditional Chinese Medicine
    route, the cost for office visits and herbal broths can run into some money.
    The herbs from some of the practitioners can cost between $50 and $400
    per week, depending on dosages etc..

    The cost is an awful lot less than western medicine's chemicals,
    yet they will pay for a "trial" that may or may not work, but not pay
    for a thousands of year old remedy that carries no less of a chance.

    In China and many other countries, TCM is covered, just as most all
    other alternatives are.

    It's difficult to fight cancer, when they tie your hands and take your wallet.