Strange feeling in Chest

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Immediately after my mastectomy, I started having this strange feeling in my chest ( hard to describe). It's like a cool flush or tingle. I thought maybe nerve damage, but two years later I still have it. Doctors don't have an answer. Has anyone else had this symptom?


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    I had both breast removed in April 2009 and was having a strange feeling also. I went
    to see the surgeon for a check up and as I was sitting there waiting I picked up a
    book and started reading and found my answer and the doctor agreed. My feeling was called
    phanton pain. It almost felt like a motor or something in side of me running. The doctor
    said it like the nerves on both sides was trying to reach out and touch each other.
    It was like they were trying to communicate with each other "saying are you there". lol
    This is what the surgeon told me. It finally went away. But 2 years later I'm not sure
    unless the nerves still have feelings.
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    That sounds like the
    That sounds like the sensation I had after double mastectomy, especially during chemo treatments, or if I drank something cold...almost like the fluid was flowing into the breast and down the arms from the shoulder. I thought it was very strange because I had tissue expanders in, so there was no living tissue there to have a sensation. My Dr. told me it is a common occurrence with his patients, but could not explain it. It seemed to gradually fade away after chemo was done (more than a year post surgery). I have since had reconstruction and have not noticed it any more. My best guess is that the nerves have to establish new pathways and the brain has to learn how to interpret the messages, which all takes time.

    Take care, seof
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    Me Too!
    Single mastectomy April 21, 2010 and I'm having the same sensations. Drs. don't have answers but assure me it will pass with time (and I sure hope so). I'm keeping and eye on this to see if others have an answer. Good Luck!
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    I have had all kinds of odd
    I have had all kinds of odd and sometimes painful sensations in and under the skin after my bilaterals in January 2010. Read that self massage helps and started really does help! I continue to gently rub done the upper chest and incision areas-especially when the "ouchie" pain comes back ever so often. Also still have the tight band feeling but that is "looser" now also. Maybe self massage will ease your sensations also. I think of it as retraining my nerves to get a grip and stop searching for connections lost and make new friends!!! Goog luck,