Been too busy to post today~

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Hello everyone,

I had a three day weekend if that's what you want to call it. I was off work yesterday to take Mike to his wound care in the early am, and then to his second round of chemo. We made a whole day of it. The wound from the previous port that had to be removed is healing nicely and we're hoping that this round of chemo doesn't hinder that healing process . He tolerated the treatment well yesterday and they sent him home once again with the 4 day chemo pump. So mow he's connected to that as well as the VAC pump for the wound. However, thru all this his spirits seem to be a little bit better, and he actually maintained his weight!!! Yeah!!! I'll take any piece of good news I can muster up right now. I did speak to his oncologist, and after asking alot of questions, hearing his responses and Mike doing the same, I'm not sure what to do. I did find out that he's HER2 neg. tho. My understanding is that to be positive would be preferrable, not sure tho.
I've sort of been scanning the forum today as I work, and I see so many absolutely wonderful things osted here in the past few days. I also see alot of pain and suffering going on for some. My prayers are with eavch and every one of you. We all share such a strong common bond here that it's unbelievable!! I am grateful to be ale to come here and "let it all out". It looks like I need to get in touch with iansmom as well.

I know this is short and done in a hurry, but it's really busy and I just couldn't stand it any more. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing back, as always you guys are a lifesaver.