biopsy of uterus

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I am scheduled for one tomorrow and curious about what to expect? I have had two children so my cervix has been opened before but that was 13 years ago. I am a cancer survivor already from head and neck. Not lookong forward to any of this but trying to stay optomistic. Duck


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    My experiences were OK
    Hi Duck,

    I'm sorry that you once again are facing a situation that is of concern. Although you did not mention why you were having the biopsy, it is always better to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook.

    I had two endometrial biopsies taken, one while I was experiencing heaving bleeding (pre menopause) and the other when I experienced spotting post menopause (March 1, 2010). Although the docs told me it might be uncomfortable and even painful, I really did not find either of them to be so terrible.

    An instrument that looks like a long and skinny bottle brush is inserted and used to collect cells. It did require a few passings of the brush. A second collection with a new "brush" was also performed.

    The doc that performed the one I had in March said that I was a much better patient than she when she had to have one done, but I must honestly restate, I didn't find it that bad.

    Good luck tomorrow, stay positive, and let us know how it was for you. Hang in there! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Peace and Hope,

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    Good luck with results of
    Good luck with results of your biopsy.
    Mine was just slightly uncomfortable and quick.
    Was told it could cause alittle cramping. It was just a long stick type
    thing they inserted and take a scraping.

    No matter what the outcome you can do this!

    Peace and healing to you!