"Cancer-Targeting Virus Delivered by IV Is Successful in Treating Advanced Cancers,Research Finds":

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"Intravenous delivery of a cancer-targeting virus is successful in destroying cancer cells that have spread throughout the body......."

"A recent study tested 23 patients with metastasized colorectal, skin, ovarian and lung cancers. Patients received a single intravenous treatment at one of five dose levels. In 75 percent of patients who received the highest doses, the theraphy reached and replicated within tumors throughout the body, effectively stopping cancer growth. Some patients with lower doses also saw disease stabilization."

"All doses were well tolerated, with patients experiencing only mild side effects, such as flu-like symptoms."

"""This is the first time that we've been able to treat patients intraveneously and had proven success in targeting and destroying metastatic cancers in the body with an armed oncolytic product"", said David H Kim,MD. ""This opens up a whole new world of systemic approaches to therapy.""

"Gene theraphy has been used before to fight cancer but previous treatments were limited to localized tumors. Intravenous delivery allows for whole-body treatment."

"Kim said the study opens the door to retest existing genetic or protein treatments that had previously been limited to patients with localized tumors. Researchers will begin a Phase III trial later this year in patients with liver cancer."

as per sciencedaily

Another article from another site speaks of a "p53, the "guardian of the genome"" as another method to battle cancer......Stuff is always being published in scientific/medical/research journals/magazines/reports,etc

You never know when one of these treatments will prove lifesaving......steve


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    this sounds very promising
    At first I was thinking, yea, for OTHER cancer types, then I read that they DID test on colorectal cancer. Let's hope this shows promise, and soon enough for some of us to reap the rewards of it! Thanks for posting!