would the women who've had stage 4 uterine cancer tell us more?????

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to the sisters who have had stage 4 uterine cancer please tell the rest of us: what kind of uterine cancer it was, what treatments you had, and most importantly, what have you done, if anything, in the way of diet, exercise, meditation, acupuncture, herbs, etc. these years??
we would so appreciate hearing more from you. thanx so much



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    Stage 4B Uterine Cancer
    Maggie, I was diagnosed March 2009 prior to surgery with ovarian cancer after several months of doctors telling me I had different GI problems. On March 5th during surgery they found the large tumor was not from my ovaries but from my uterus. After a few weeks I began a regimen of Taxol/Carbo chemotherapy--6 rounds every 3 weeks. Treatment ended July 2009. Since that time all my bloodwork and scans have been normal. However; I feel the celebration will wait until the 5 year mark,,,almost at year 1.
    I have been exercising which includes walking as much as I can and working for my son-in-law one day a week in his landscaping business which has proven to be the best exercise along with some sunshine.
    I try to eat more healthy now and take all in moderation. I have read and searched for what foods to eat but you find good and bad in all things so I try to eat a balance. I stopped working to reduce stress and heal. I had a very stressful executive position in healthcare. I have so enjoyed the time gardening and doing a lot of housework. I am ready now to go back to work and am actively looking.
    I feel a positive attitude is the number 1 item to be on our list. I feel very fortunate each day I am healthy. I look up at the sky when I walk as not to miss one thing I may see and enjoy each breath so much more. Taking time to look around has helped. I was always too busy to enjoy what I had, and it is the simple things that mean the most. Hard lesson to learn.
    Not sure I gave you anything new or useful, just my experience.
    God Bless,