3 days out from first chemo treatment what to expect in next few days???

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I really feel pretty good and this morning I can tell the tumors in my belly are already shrinking. I have several and one is as big as a football. The last few days before treatment were painful and I was so swollen. Now I look normal. I mean my skin felt like it was being pulled so tight it was unbearable.I haven't gotten mouth sores yet, but my tastes are changing. I went to eat an ice cream sandwitch last nite (my favorite), I took 3 bites and gave it to my husband. It had no taste and I didn't want to be eating anything I didn't enjoy. BTW have any of you tried those fruitistas at Taco Bell?? They are delish, but I'm sure loaded with sugar. I am gonna try to make my own at home with fresh fruit and splenda. BUT it does help to get in that all important liquids we need. Its all good till the brain freeze!
So when should I expect the mouth sores? I bought the mouthwash minus alohol and the baby tooth brush.


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    I didn't get mouth sores

    I didn't get mouth sores right away. Ask for Fluconzole 100mg. It is 100% better than magic mouthwash they sometimes prescribe. Take care, watch funny things on T.V., rest when you need to and call on God's strength. I had Follicular NHL and was cancer free less than 3 months after starting CHOP. I will be a year this July 6th since I had chemo and I am back at the gym and feeling good. We are blessed to have this disease now instead of 10 years ago. Stay positive and know if you need to talk I am available . God bless Joanie
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    Glad to hear you're moving
    Glad to hear you're moving right along. I finished 6 rounds of R CHOP in late March. I also had no taste for the first 2 weeks or so after each treatment. It was so odd because I knew what things were supposed to taste like but it was absent. I took that opportunity to eat healthier. I craved fruit the whole time. As to the mouth sores I never did get any open sores and felt very lucky. I did however have a very sore mouth. At times my lips would swell. I was advised to use a baking soda toothpaste and rinse my mouth with warm water with 1/4 tsp of salt and 1/2 tsp baking soda a couple times a day especially before bed and I think that went a long way in preventing the sores. Also I learned quickly to be careful what I ate when my mouth was tender. I craved apples but learned the hard way that they were too tough on the mouth. After several treatments I was afraid my altered taste and my sore mouth would never go away. But it all does in time. Good luck and God bless.
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    I am happy to hear the tumors in our tummy are shrinking. That's great news indeed. My medical team had me to suck on ice chips while they administered the "Push" portion of the chemo (when the nurse sits by you and pushes the chemo through your iv). With this method, I never had mouth sores. I had 4 rounds of R-chop.

    You may feel fatigue which is normal. Just keep the lines of communication opened with your medical team. That's important.

    I agree with the other survivor, watch plenty of funny shows and movies and pray. When you are too tired to pray, ask others to pray!

    It works!

    Good luck, I look forward to hearing your updates.