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Hi everyone.I had posted earlier about pain in my hands really bad,and in my ankles.The dr.had me to stop taking it and 12 days later The pain has eased up alot.So she is switching me to Tamoxifen.What are your exsperiance with this drug.I have so many side effects to meds.I Pray I can take this drug.I read where you can not be in the sun very long.I appriatte your input.Thank you. God bless you. Pat.


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    Ive been on Tamoxifen for a
    Ive been on Tamoxifen for a month and half. My face gets very red if Im out in the sun. Ive also noticed that my bones and joints are stiff.
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    Hi, Pat
    I've been on Tamoxifen for about 6 months. For me, hot flashes (only at night) started almost immediately, and taking the pill in the morning instead of the evening helped with that. My only other side effect has been some mild dryness in the "southern region," which over-the-counter products take care of just fine.

    I haven't noticed any difference at all in my skin or getting sunburned -- I use the same sunscreen I always have for my lunch-hour walks every day, and don't see any change.

    Pat, please try not to be frightened -- at least not yet! :-) Not everyone has bad side effects from Tamoxifen, some women do just fine.