eyelids and people damage

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Dear friends

I am from Sweden, I had 6th operation (Medullary thyroid cancer)about one month ago, unfortunately after operation I got infection in my blood during surgery, lot of pain in my stomach, I was suing pain killers like morfin for more than 2 weeks.
after operation I found one of my eyelids ( left side) is fell down and makes my eye smaller than other, moreover right people of eye is three times bigger than another.
I didnot had even small problem in my eyes, but now I dont know what is happened to me.
I referred to eyes Dr. but he said I cannot the nerves has damaged or cut.
if anybody had such experience please tell me how much time will i need to get back if my nerves damaged?

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    Hi hosdel
    I don't know if this relates or not. But my eyelids are drooping too. I just came out of the hospital today, and I am having a tough time focusing out of my left eye which does seem to be smaller than my right eye. They were giving me so much insulin in the hospital and steroids, that I don't what may be causing the problem. If it continues though, I plan to mention it to my doctor. Also, I've been noticing blackheads and moles appearing on me that I've never noticed before. Have you had this problem? Please let me know if you find out any info about it, and I will do the same. Best of luck.