Dads First Treatment and unexpected hospitalization

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This past week has been extremely difficult and I don't honestly know where to start. As I have explained before, my father was diagnosed early on in March with Stage IVB esophageal cancer. Had a PET scan that confirmed activity in one lymph node and on the tip of his right lung. He was set up for surgery for a Jtube to help with feeding. Surgery took place, three days later the port fell out. Sets back chemo start. Schedules for Gtube surgery, they try it endoscopically couldnt because of swelling in esophagus, which the surgeon had stated the cancer had advanced. The port was placed, and fell out three days later because of a leak. He went almost two weeks before starting chemo.
Thursday he had chemo at the hospital Cisplatin was one of them and toxol, was the other. Sent home with the 5-FU for 5 days straight. It honestly looked like he was back to his old self. The chemo seemed not to bother him. Thursday, Friday, Saturday he did things like he wasnt even sick, then sunday hit and it went down hill from there. We had to take him to the hospital because he was having head pains. Didnt get much service so we went hom and went to the oncologist the next day. They removed the 5-FU early to help him. He needed hydration so he went back to the office the next morning and had that done, but that afternoon he was rushed to the hospital for spitting blood up. I had the hospital keep him and we almost lost him yesterday morning because he wanted to give up.
Is bleeding something normal for esophageal cancer patients after chemo? Doctor said there is a chance that the cancer cells are dying off and the blood may be coming from that. I hope that this is true, but this is driving me up the wall honestly.
If you have any suggestions please let me know!


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    your father
    I don't know if I can be of much help, I did have 5 FU, I am 66 and my drs in Baltimore at St. Joseph's put you in the hospital for the Cisplatin and 5 FU to keep your kidneys going with loads of IVs. I can't understand how your Dad's port keeps coming out? That does not sound right. What facility is your Dad being taken care of and is it a well known cancer facility? Sorry I know you have posted before but can't remember your details. I frankly have never heard that blood can be from cancer cells dying off??? maybe someone else can give you input into this. Bleeding to me has to be coming from a source that needs to be fixed. I am sorry I am not much help but these are questions you should ask the drs, why the bleeding and why ports falling out? Hoping that someone else with more knowledge than me will help you here and I will be praying for your Dad and you too. take care,
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    Hi Dadsonlyson,Sorry you
    Hi Dadsonlyson,
    Sorry you are having a rough time of it lately. I was glad to hear that dad did have quite a few good days though. You have to remember those days and rejoice in them! Remember that this ec cancer is a huge rollercoaster ride of many ups and downs. I would also be concerned as to why do the ports keep falling out? That is not normal, and a red flag. You have to ask yourself is dad being treated with the best care? Is this the best place he can be? If your answer is is time to get a second opinion. You need to have dad at a cancer center or hospital that specializes in this type of cancer. I would also suggest that you get them to give dad a j tube for his nutrition. This is the best way for him to get the nutrition and maintain his weight. The spitting up blood could be a number of things, one being a cut or tear in his esophagus. These are questions you have to ask the drs. Dad can not continue to become dehydrated. It is time for you and your family to make some serious decisions on the care and treatment of your dad. Keep your chins up, and keep fighting! I will be praying for all of you. Keep in touch. Peace.