phlem medication at drugstore

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Somebody mention a over the counter drug to help dry up mucus, can you please give me the name again. Thanks Dennis


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    My partner, Mark, is struggling with mucus post surgery in the worst way. Some tips I have heard here are Mucinex, some allergy medicines can dry it up, gargling with salt water, and papaya juice. I have given him the juice which didn't hurt (I thought he was spitting less). Have yet to try the other things because docs say it will go away as he heals. They do not suggest anything. The mucus is the thing that bothers him the most.
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    Hi Dennis
    The best med for

    Hi Dennis
    The best med for mucus is mucinex. Get the one for the cough suppresant. It has a suppressant as well as something to dry up the mucus. The store brand is fine also. And a lot cheaper than the name brand. Good luck.