I have had the worse day today

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my x daughter in law called and chewed me out becaue my sister showed up for my grandaughters granuation, told me to leave her daughter alone. I told her this was not going to heppen she will be 18 in july, so hopefully she can contact me then. Her mother made her delete me from facebook. I have done nothing but be good to this lady even after her and my son divorced, Guess she does not want any of his family in my grandaughters life.

Am wondering how much more stress i can take, broke out in shingles today also

Please pray


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    You poor thing! How cruel and foolish!!
    I remain close to ALL of my ex-husband's family! My ex-mother-in-law is even going to the beach for a week with me and my kids and grandkids (her great-grandkids!) And I'm re-married! I can't imagine someone being so mean and short-sighted. You can never have too many people love your children! She is not only cheating you out of a relationship with your granddaughter; she is cheating her granddaughter out of experiencing and benefitting from your love.

    I had shingles when I went through my divorce; they are so painful. I'm so sorry that you are having such a hard time lately. ((((hugs))))

    Maybe you could set up a CaringBridge website where your granddaughter could be in contact with you.