Have horrible headaches, anyone know anything about Petadolex?

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Ok, so I have a question about headaches and a certain medication. I have been going through a battle of horrible headaches, that may or may not be related to my leukemia, my neurologist is not sure. I have spinal fluid build up around my brain and have to go in for spinal taps to relieve my pressure. However, I have recently been put on Diamox to slow my production of spinal fluid, I am still having horrible headaches and even went into have another spinal tap, but my pressure was normal (11.5). My neurologist told me about this new medication called Petadolex which is a natural drug to prevent migraines. Has anybody ever used Petadolex? And if so, have you ever had any interactions with any other medications? We are kind of at a loss and need some help, Im not even sure if I can take it because my oncologist said I couldn't take any natural medications..... If you know anything about this, your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank You Very Much : )