Multiple primary cancers

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Hello! I was recently diagnosed with BC and waiting for my surgery on June 10. I already had two separate cases of liposarcomas in my legs. One 5 yrs ago and another over a year ago. And now I have BC which my regular mammogram did not show. Since I had these sarcomas, I go for regular checkups for MRIs, CT Scans, bone scans, PET scans, ets. My last PET scan shown 'something' na my right breast. Then I had MRI and biopsis which confirmed BC. Due to my history with sarcomas, my doctors did not advice another radiation, so I decided to have bi-lateral mastectomy with reconstruction. I hope, I won't need chemo.Has anybody had case like I did - several primary cancers?


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    I havn't Liz-sorry to hear that you do. And welcome to this group-course I'm biased,but I don't think you could have found a better place!
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    Yup, I got the 2-fer....
    Stage III rectal cancer (squamous cell carcinoma), followed by stage II breast cancer (adenocarcinoma) 6 months later...

    5 years clear on the rectal, 4 on the breast...

    Hugs, Kathi