It was amazing

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Last night was the wake for Carter. There was so many visitors that we stood in line for 2 1/2 hours. I could have gone straight in to the funeral home but I felt my family and I should stand with the rest. They had to extend the hours so everyone could visit. The police dept showed up as well as the fire dept and they went in a saluted Carter. There was a biker group there. They had a ton of pictures and one that was signed by our president. Carter loved ET and he had ET with him. He had a white casket. His family, cousins and little brother put there hands in paint and then onto the casket. Amazing is all I can say. Today was the funeral, again amazing. Had to be 80+ cars, maybe more. WE laughed we cried and then let go of a bunch of blue ( was Carters favorite color )balloons. The balloons went up to Heavens, once again amazing. Carter was in his Chicago Cubs jersey, that was given to him by the Chicago cubs. The biker group lead the way this morning as well as a fire truck and police car. Again we laughed, we cried, our hearts broke, but it was amazing.


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    He will be missed
    Kathy, it sure sounds like a lot of love was shown on behalf of little Carter. It is never easy to let someone go but especially when they are so very young. I am glad so many showed up to show their love for this special little boy. Thank you for sharing Carter with us, I feel honored to have known him in a small way. ♥ RE ♥
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    Kathy, thanks for sharing
    Kathy, thanks for sharing Carter and his "goodbye", from this life. May he rest in peace!