Glutamine for chemo neuropathy?

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Has anyone used Glutamine for post-chemo neuropathy (Folfox)? I was just advised to take 10 g twice a day, and was wondering if anyone has experience with this.

I currently take Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vit. B6, but the neuropathy has flared again, such that walking is again painful.



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    Glutamine for Chemo Neuropathy
    I have read a few studies that Glutamine does reduce neuropathy. The last study I read stated that there have not been any studies that included placebo/drug trials so there is a question about how well it works, but there is real hope that Glutamine will be an affective ad in relieving neuropathy sysmtoms in patients recieving platinum based drugs. I do not remember the name of the study so I can not find the actually article.

    I have also been told that diabetics have used L-Glutamine for their neuropathy with good results.

    My onc perscribes neurontin for neuropathy pain.
    Hope this is a bit helpful.
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    tried it
    I tried it for a few months, but it did not seem to have an effect for me. Nothing has worked yet.