The Reading Room: Link to CNN Article Describing a Condition Called "Anesthesia Awareness"

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Here is a link to this CNN article on a topic called "Anesthesia Awareness." It describes one woman's experience with waking up during surgery but being paralyzed by the anesthesia to do anything about it.

On my very 1st colonoscopy, I too, woke up during the procedure. I lifted my head up, and saw this big red looking "sun." What I was acutally seeing was my rectal tumor and the blood from it. The doctor and nurses faces were masked but I saw the panic in their eyes, and the doc made a down movement with his hand, and they gave me "the juice" again and I dropped like a stone. I was very long in recovery and for awhile, they were concerned that I taking too long to wake back up.

It's an interesting read - and one of the reasons, that I never take surgery for granted. Anytime, we "reboot the old hard drive" we just hope that we "re-initialize" the way we were before. I take surgeries very seriously and am never flippant about the risks.

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    I never woke up during
    I never woke up during surgery,
    but one time the sedative wore off before the paralytic.
    I was in recovery and they were concerned I was taking too long to wake up.
    they kept playing with my feet and lightly slapping my face to try to wake me.
    I really wanted to tell them I was awake,but couldn't move.I was really panicking
    until the paralytic wore off and I could move.Scary !!
    cannot imagine the panic that would cause DURING surgery !!