Laryngeal cancer question

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My husband has end stage laryngeal cancer. Trach tube put in September to help with breathing. Well now the breathing is getting more difficult and he's taking hydrocodone for pain. There is a lesion/tumor behind the trach plate that has grown in the last month. This lesion bleeds on occasion, is tender and painful. When we went to the Dr. in April the lesion was just starting to appear. I asked what it was and the Dr. said "it's only granulation". I think he's full of it. I personally think he doesn't want us to know what's coming down the road. Then the Dr. said, "just make an appointment when you want a trach change", very casual. Does anyone out here have any experience or info with this type of growth? I think I know what's coming and it's only a matter of time. In September they told us that maybe my husband would have 6 months. Thanks.


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    Look this up on the internet, I have heard of this. The doctor has to tell you, get in his face, don't take no for an answer.