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The question is, on a short term basis, is it safe to inject an impotence concoction three times over a 48 hour period.

The story behind the question is that after prostate surgery three years ago, I, now 70, was unable to obtain an erection. I really did not have any need to do so until a year ago. I tried viagra and all the pills with no positive results. So, I went to the urologist who stated he could fix my problem with his special concoction.

When I appeared for the appointment with the concoction I had piced up from the pharmacy, he asked if his young female assistence could witness the proeceedure to which I agreed. We, gathered in his office with me, pants down ready for the proceedure when, as the doctor was explaining the proceedure to his assistent, inexplicitly dropped the vial which shattered. Apologies from the doctor, up with my pants and off to the pharmacy returning a half hour later.

Again we gathered as before. As the doctor was streaching out my member preparaing to inject the needle, I said hold it, I have a joke to tell which rather astonished the doctor and his assistent. I looked the young lady in the eye and said "What were the first words Adam said to Eve" to which she mumbled that she did not know. "Stand back Eve, I don't know how big this thing is going to get" I roared "now get on with it doc".

The shot was administered and the doc requested I remain to see what developed. It seemed a miracle, within 5 minutes I was rock hard, it was a thing of beauty and I have to admit that my chest swelled up with pride. The doc came back noting the protrusion in my pants and he too was proud and gave me a hug. He called his assistent who opened the door, fixated on my protrusion and she too smiled broadly.

Off to the store I went with my staff tucked in my belt, thence to the barber shop, thence to another store and back home. It took three hours for it to subside. It seems now I am a better man than I ever was. Thank God for modern chemistry.


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    The short answer is NO !
    Injections are to be limited to twice a week with
    a three day spread. Scarring and possibly priaprism
    could develop. Dosages that prolong erections to three
    hours are not advisable since the necessary oxygen to
    penile tissues may be cut off. 1-1/2 to 2 hours is
    should be the limit.
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    I am post surgery 12 weeks
    I am post surgery 12 weeks on Wednesday and my ED therapy is bi mix injections 2 or 3 times a week plus 5mg Cialis daily. From my understanding the max you could do with the injections would be no less than 24 hours between however you are looking for trouble doing your injections so close together but for sure not 3 injections in 48 hours…

    As far as 3 hour erections that is not good… I have played with my doses and I find that an “80%” erection or a 5 hardness on a scale of 1-10 works the best and allows me to “work” for the 10 hardness erection…

    Typically after an injection I am hard enough in about 5-10 minutes for intercourse and I am good for about 30-45 minutes if I want…However my Willy does remain partially full for about an 1 1/2- 2 hours ...then back to “normal” Anyway that is what I do and it seems to meet all of the criteria that my surgeon and URO are trying to accomplish with me…

    Best of luck