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Jim has had some neuropathy ever since the last few days of the chemo/proton radiation. It began in his toes and spread to the balls of both feet. He also has some in his fingertips. Since he can't feel anything with his toes, he is a little off-balance when he does much walking out of the house.
Good news, though. We read in the MD Anderson newsletter that they have acupuncture available, and one of the things they say it does, is to help with neuropathy. We were going to be 2 weeks out before they had a time available, so we found a local chiropractor, who also performs acupuncture, and he had his first treatment last week. Fingertips were better immediately and warm again, while some of his toes and the balls of his feet are better, he'll need more treatments to complete that. Just thought you all might want to consider trying this if you have chemo-related neuropathy.
As you all realize, what works for one doesn't necessarily mean it will work for others, but this was worth a try for us!


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    Thank you!

    Thank you so much for posting that! Although my husband has neuropathy from diabetes, the chemo was causing it to get worse. I'll have to check into this for him to see if it would help him since this is one of the biggest issues the doctor's have with him and the drugs.

    Thanks again!