cryo Procedure/ kidney removal

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On 5-1-2010 my 41 yr old son found out he has kidney cancer. Monday he goes in for either the cryo procedure or if they can not perform that, he will have his left kidney removed. We do not know to much about his recovery time & what he will be experiencing. He has a high blood reading from his pancreatis. Yet nothing is showing on the cat scan. They are trying to say they do not think he has pancreatic cancer. Yet they give no clue as to why he is having these type of results when his blood is tested.
He is also having pain on left side into back & kidney DR. said he does not think that is caused by the left kidney. He is also having GI problems. Costipation & not having any appetite & not being able to tolerate solid foods. We do not know if he has an intestine infection either. They claim he has no GI blockage & nothing is showing on what test they have run so far. Has anyone had these type of problems. Has anyone had high readings from the pancreas. He has been ill for 4 months & they have not gotten to the bottom of what is causing his symptoms. They just found the cancer in the kidney & they said 4 mo ago that he had a cyst on the left kidney. Apparently he had kidney cancer than. They missed it I think & now they are missing something else. Perhaps we can find out more after they do this surgery. Pray for my son Heath & his wife & chidren. Thank you.