interesting childhood cancer suvivor 'marriage' facts :)

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Approximately 270,000 of the 10 million cancer survivors alive in the U.S. were diagnosed and treated before they were old enough to buy themselves a drink, according to the National Cancer Institute. Thanks to scientific advances, as many as 80 percent of children treated for cancer go on to live full lives, but the shadow of the disease often lingers in the background. Physicians have long known that adult survivors of childhood cancer have an increased risk of some physical ills, such as a second cancer, early menopause, or stroke. But new research suggests there are long-lasting emotional scars as well.

46 percent of adult survivors of childhood cancer never married. Another 42 percent of survivors were married and 7.3 percent were separated or divorced.

Adults who survived childhood cancer are 20 to 25 percent less likely to say "I do" than those who didn't battle the disease

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