Shopper's Guide to Pesticides~

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Knowing we're all gaining insight on the best ways to keep our cancer at bay. One of the best options for our being in control, is what we place in our mouths and how often we get our feet moving thru exercise.

I've been reading and hearing more and more on pesticides in our foods. If I had all the money in the world I'd do most of my shopping at Whole Foods, but I'm not in that category. What I've learned is follow the "Clean 15" list on link and purchase from local grocer, and the "Dirty Dozen" list purchase "Organic" at local grocery or a place such as Whole Foods.

Link below will bring up the listing and you can also go to the main website for additional information. for additional information.

Interesting reading....


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    Thanks for sharing. Good information with all the fresh fruits and vegetables becoming available.