Good News about Provenge

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Good moning!

Yesterday it was my father's monthly appointment with his Oncologist. We discussed with him different medications (Abarenic, Plenarix, Degarelix & Firmagon) that are given to decrease PSA to patients with advanced prostate cancer. While discussing the effectiveness of these medications, he told me to hold my thoughts. He stepped out of the examining room and returned with a pamphlet about Firmagon. It stated that Firmagon has no clinical benefit.

I asked about Provenge that I was concerned that medical insurances will not cover the cost of this vaccine. He said, that the insurace will pay for it because it has been approved by the FDA. And the second good news, was that my father was a candidate to receive it because he has no symtoms. Hopefylly, the vaccine will be given to my father in about 2 months. We are very happy, the vaccine will give many advanced cancer prtients the opportunity to live a little bit longer, to enjoy life and their love ones. Good luck and God bless you all.