Node Out!

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Dear Friends,
You are the best. Kim, how kind of you to start the thread about ****. All of you, we have felt your thoughts and prayers all day.
**** went into surgery at 10:00. He was in until 1:20. Dr. Genyk came out and said they got the node and margins looked good. As we thought, the node was positive for cancer. He did leave some markers in case they decide on radiation down the road. Everything else looked clear. He said that the connection site between the large and small intestine was stretched out. So, he cut it out and redid the connection. That is not something we expected but I think it is good that they did it to avoid future complications.
I am in ICU with **** right now and he is talking and seems good. I will drive to Orange County tonight and stay at my folks house and then drive back to LA tomorrow and stay with **** once they move him into a regular room.
Thank you for being here. I know you know what this is like and we really appreciate your friendship and support.



  • AnneCan
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    Way to go!
    I am so happy the surgery was a success + that naughty node was negated!!!!! I hope **** has a quick + easy recovery. Thanks for posting!
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    Kathleen & ****
    Wishing you all the best. I have been thinking of you today and it sounds like a pretty good report.

    Hoping for a speedy recovery so **** can get out and ride those waves very soon! I really enjoyed reading about that:)

  • geotina
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    Please give **** our best for a speedy and relatively pain free recovery. Hope your daughter is doing well also.

    Take care - Tina and George
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    Ho'omaika'i 'Ana
    The best of news Kathleen!

    Good thing they took care of his "link" as well - you probably spared yourself another surgery or complications - a 2'fer for the price of one:)

    E Ola

  • msccolon
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    so glad to hear the surgery went well and they were able to possibly avert a future complication! I am praying for his continued healing and guidance of the medical staff as they treat him. Now get some sleep!
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    In my prayers
    Hey, Kathleen.

    I'm praying for you and ****. Glad things went well, but sorry about that unexpected little piece of surgery. I hope **** will feel much better soon!

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    Great news! I love the
    Great news! I love the bonus reconnection. Nice to know that a possible complication was avoided. And it feels good to have had someone actually have a real look around in there, doesn't it! Obviously he did not have any peritoneal mets, which is excellent news.
    So glad you are going to get some rest, Kathleen. ANd I learned, after the first post-op hospital time, that my job did not get easier when we came home. There is no button to push for an extra set of hands like there is in the hospital. Get your rest when you can. When the night nurse at the regular room comes in you will get a feel for whether or not you are comfortable with them. If it is a night that you have a wonderful competent nurse, go back to your parents and get more sleep. It really is the best thing you can do for ****.
    So glad that all went well.
    Good luck with the rest of this.
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    Hi Kathleen,

    I'm glad to read your post and relieved and pleased that all went well. It is also reassuring that they did the reconnection extra surgery- reassuring that they are looking out and being quite thorough. Like was already said, get your rest & take care.

    Hugs to you,
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    What great news!

    So happy to hear that **** had a successful surgery and all went well. Your family is always in my thoughts.

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    So glad surgery is over!

    It sounds like the surgery went well and **** will do great with his recovery. My thoughts and prayers have been with you all this week. I hope you get some good rest. I stayed every night with David when he had his surgeries and just felt better doing it. You never know what time the surgeon will be there and you hate to miss a doctor visit.

    But do take care of yourself, too. Let us know how the recovery goes. As young and active as **** is, I am sure he will be his old self real soon!

    Hugs to you from San Antonio,
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    Thanks Kathleen...
    Glad to hear things have gone well. I hope the recovery goes as well and you both get home to Hawaii soon.

    All the very best... Rob; in Vancouver
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    robinvan said:

    Thanks Kathleen...
    Glad to hear things have gone well. I hope the recovery goes as well and you both get home to Hawaii soon.

    All the very best... Rob; in Vancouver

    This is great news!!!!! So happy for you both. Will be praying for a speedy recovery. You guys take care!

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    Great News
    Awesome news! Still going to keep thoughts and prayers going to an uncomplicated recovery.

    Hope you both get plenty of rest.
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    Great news
    SO glad to hear they got it out and had clear margins. Please tell **** I said hello and so glad he is doing so well, he will be back in the waves in no time at all.

    Gob Bless
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    Glad it went well!
    Hi, Kathleen and ****,

    Glad to hear it went well! Phew! We are both sending good thoughts your way and hope you get back home soon.

    lots of love,
  • lesvanb
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    Awesome news!
    Much love and healing to both you and **** and to your family and friends and to all that helps you while on this strenuous path. Here's to the skill of the surgeons too.

    all the best, Leslie
  • Annabelle41415
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    That is great news and I'm glad he seems to be doing ok. Sounds like everything went as planned, plus some but that sounds like good news too. Tell him we are here for him and wishing him a speedy recovery.

  • Kerry S
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    I’m gona kill that node
    Kathleen & ****

    You went into this with a great positive attitude and just look what you got. A great positive outcome!!!

    This reminds me of the John Wayne movie where he is a WW 1 pilot. He has a bad crash and is paralyzed. He and his buddy get drunk in the hospital and just kept singing “I’m gona move that toe that toe. I’m gona move that toe.” Only with you two it was “I’m gona kill that node that node. I’m gona kill that node.”

    Happy for you

  • Fight for my love
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    Wow,great news!I am so happy
    Wow,great news!I am so happy for the successful surgery.Please get well soon.Wish you a speedy recovery.
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    Wow,great news!I am so happy
    Wow,great news!I am so happy for the successful surgery.Please get well soon.Wish you a speedy recovery.

    Great news!
    That is great to hear. I pray for a speedy recovery.