good news for ed!!!!!!!!!!

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ed's recent pet scan showed great improvement in all his cancer not just his esphogeal, but all his mets have shrunk also. we are going to do three more rounds ( if he can tolerate it) of oxcyplatin and xeloda starting next monday. I am trilled to finally see an improvement after six rounds, thanks everyone for the well wishes and will keep you posted.


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    wonderful news
    Hi Linda,

    That is so great!! what a nice way to start the day and find out Ed is doing so well. Good luck on future chemo and so glad he showed an improvement. He must be in a better mood by now. take care and prayers will continue of course!!
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    Oh Linda!!!!
    I looked at your post, and said.....YES!!!! I am thrilled. Good news for you Ed and your family. Finally.
    That is just wonderful. My dad took Xeloda, he did very well with it. Hardly any side effects. If Ed can not tolerate the pill, you can crush it. Dad had to do this. You have just made my day. Thanks for posting. Praise the Lord.
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    unknown said:

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    William you are so correct
    Well right after the doctor gave us the great news and left the room, ed said he was going out this weekend to buy his bike on his first ssdi check., well, as you can imagine, this really ruined the moment and for that fact, ruined the day. he, again, is not talking to me or his daughter now because she will not side in with him on this bike issue. I am thrilled about the great pet scan and on hope that ed will enjoy this great news as well and hope that the three additional chemo treatments coming down the road will show great improvement as well. we can only take one day at a time and I am taking this day to celebrate in my own head how great this news is, whether or not ed does, I don't really know.