DEIP follow-up recovery time?

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I had DEIP reconstruction in January. My follow-up surgery is scheduled for June. How much time off did you need after this? I will have a lift of the natural breast to match the new one and a bit of lipo to smooth out the tummy/hips area.



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    Hi Jill! I didn't have this
    Hi Jill! I didn't have this surgery, but, wanted to welcome you. I am sure that the ones that did will reply to you. Good luck with your surgery!

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    My experience
    My experience was not "normal" with DIEP. I had some unusual complications that made my recovery take longer, but the usual recovery time should be about 6 weeks off from work. 3 weeks of very little activity, then gradually increased, as you tolerate it and your Dr allows it. The drains should come out between 3-6 weeks. If your Dr. says it's OK, I would recommend taking protein supplements (help body build cells and keeps up energy level) along with vitamin C and Zinc (help the body's immune system fight infection) and E (help build skin cells).

    I bought a book on the ACS online bookstore called " the reconstruction guidebook" (or something like that) that had very helpful information. As always...ask your Dr. these questions too.

    be well, seof