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Just got my pathology report. Don't know what to make this since it was mailed to me and the Doctor plans to go over it with me at my next appointment:

Prostate gland and seminal vesicles, radical prostatectomy (A-Q):

A. Prostatic adenocarcinoma, Gleason score 6(3+3). See note.

B. Stromal and glandular hyperplasia. High grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia. One lymph node, no malignancy identified (0/1).


The carcinoma involves the right lobe. Atypical foci were found (2), in which CK903 immunostains showed reduced basal cell numbers. Extraprostatic extension of tumor is not present. Perineural invasion is not present. The seminal vesicles are free of tumor. The margins are free of carcinoma.

The pathology stage is:

Primary tumor (pT): pT2a

Regional lymph nodes (pN): pNx

Lymph nodes: one, no malignancy identified.

Clinical: Specimen submitted: Prostate and seminal vesicles. Clinical diagnosis: Prostate cancer.

Gross: The specimen is received fresh from the OR labeled with the patient's name "Robinson, Robert", the medical record number and additionally labeled "prostate and seminal vesicles". It consists of a prostate gland with attached seminal vesicles and portions of vas deferentia that weighs 58 grams. The prostate gland measures 5.5 x 4.0 x 4.0 cm, the left seminal vesicle and vas deferens measure 5.6 x 2.0 cm and the right seminal vesicle and vas deferens measure 5.0 x 2.0 cm. The right side of the specimen is inked black and the left side of the specimen is inked blue. The apex and bladder base margins are removed and the specimen is serially sectioned apex to base, perpendicular to the prostatic urethra. The entire specimen is submitted as follows: A = left apex margin, B = right apex margin, C-D = base margin, E-M = prostate gland, N = left seminal vesicle, O = right seminal vesicle, P = left vas deferens, Q = right vas deferens.


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    Path. Report
    I'll trade with you -

    That sounds like a great report, don't trade it with anybody - next thing we will be hearing is 0 PSA numbers.
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    Like 142 I'll trade with you
    Like 142 I'll trade with you too...Seriously it sounds excellent but I am a bit confused as to why your doctor would mail this to you before going over the details but again the report as far as cancer reports go for prostate cancer your report is excellent…I agree we will be hearing ZERO soon on your first PSA too…
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    I'm no doctor but sounds
    I'm no doctor but sounds like a really good report to me.