Has anyone heard anything from Golda 21 and scared?

Cindy Ann
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I have been looking for any news on our newest young sister 21 year old Golda.21 and Afraid. She posted she did have cancer and that was it. I am concerned and hope she lets us all know how she is.. I am 2 weeks into my diagnosis and it is still scary and I still have a million questions and concerns. I got physically ill with all my stress and worry. I am now at the stage of acceptance. Golda if you read this it does get better when you finally get to acceptance and start to make your surgery plans, and begin to fight. You still cry everyday, you still feel numb somedays, you still feel afraid. But one day you wake up and say this is it and I have no choice but to deal with and I can no longer pretend it isn't happening to me or bargain my way out of it.. I have to stand and fight.. I hope your ok Golda. I hope your surrounded by love, compassion, and patience.

Love and Blessings,
Cindy Ann