Mom is finally home!

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Well, after 18 days in the hospital, mom finally got to go home today. She had her rectal tumor removed on 4/14, home on 4/19, back in the hospital on 4/22 due to an obstruction. The obstruction is still there, so she is on iv nutrition 24 hours a day at home now. Hopefully this obstruction clears within the next 3 weeks, or it looks like another major surgery will be ahead of us. I am so worried about her not starting chemo right away, as she has 2 mets to the liver, but one thing at a time I guess. Luckily the IV nutrition is keeping her weight stable, as she has dropped down to 99 lbs (109 before surgery). I knew this was going to be a long and trying process, but throw all the complications in the mix and it is just so hard on her. She was getting so discouraged in the hospital each time they started her on clear liquids and she would throw them all up, so hopefully being home will lift her spirits a bit. Hope all you mothers out there had a great mothers day today!


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    Long Stay
    I did about 20 days in the hospital - 12 days during original rectal resection - 8 more after we had to go to the ER with a twisted bowel.

    I was always a home guy - that was the first time in my life that I wanted to stay at the hospital - I felt safer there. It was funny as the days went by, that your big sprawling life, could begin to boil down to one floor and your lifeline was your room - and your contact with the outside world was the television. You watched the sun come up and the sun go down, from your room window.

    It all got to be so normal so quickly - I remember going home and being on the highway and things seemed to be moving at lightning speed. After I made the adjustment back, it was nice to be home. But for those short stays, I thought if I need help, I can get it:)

    I'm glad mama is home now - and I hope some time will help her with her nutritional needs. Ice chips are always still good to have until she can tolerate clear liquids. I used to think of them as "liquid steak." Those were the best dern ice chips ever:)

    Take care and I hope all continues to improve for you both.

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    Thanks Craig and Gracie for you kind words. For some reason it is always good to hear other stories, although I hate to hear of so many with cancer. I thought the ileostomy was going to be hard to help her take care of, but that is nothing compared to changing to IV nutrition today. It kinda made the ilesotomy seem like it was nothing to help her with. I think moms spirits are up a bit at home. I am hoping to get her out of the house by the end of the week, if for nothing else, some fresh air. I still dont think of my mom as being old, but I have to keep reminding myself that she is 61 and it takes her longer to heal than younger people. I still kinda feel cheated that this is happening to her so young...while I am so young...and while my daughter is just 3. We pray every night for a miracle of some kind like the many miracles I have heard about on here. Again, thanks for the kind words and help through this journey of her life.

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    Glad she's home
    I'm glad your mom got to come home, and I hope she will continue to improve. You're a very caring daughter.