Kidney cancer that spread to spine.. anyone experiance this??

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Recently, my dad was diagnosed with renal cancer that spread to his spine (3 spots), and lung.
The docs are more concerned about the spots on his sign, and started him on radiation treatment, and got him accepted for a clinical drug trial.

It was a shocker to us. He's a 60 year old that never had any major health problems, barely ever got sick, no heart problems, nothing. It was only during the last few months when he had a sudden weight loss with uncontrollable urinating, and constipation that made him finally go to the doc.

He was diagnosed last week and started treatment yesterday. Im wondering if anyone has been in this situation and can give me insight.

I also would like to know if theirs any organizations out there that help with medical bills besides the hospital. Since he is self-employed, he doesn't have health insurance.