Gall Bladder cancer

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I have stage 3 gall bladder cancer. Gallbladder was removed 5 weeks ago. Last 2 weeks have been spent seeing specialists. Need to decide whether or not to have surgery that will remove 75% of my liver. Could be other complications due to my COPD. Second option is chemo and/or radiation. My head is spinning with all the options. Have to make a decision soon. Two surgeons recommend no surgery. What to do?


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    Hi MrsBucky,
    Welcome to our family. I do not blame you for having a spinning head! Since it seems like you have gotten two opinions, and they both said the same thing, I would go with what they say.
    I was a caregiver for my dad who beat ec and passed away this March with mets to his liver.
    The liver is one organ that can rebuild itself. My dad tried to kill his liver cancer with oral chemo xeloda. He could only handle one 30 day round. The drs wanted him to do another 30 days, but he just couldn't. Too much pain, too weak, way too tired, he decided to give up. I feel that surgery is the way to go. Good luck with your decision. Keep in touch.
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    Gallbladdres Cancer
    My husband had Gall bladder removal mid March and the pathologist results came back same as yours. He decides to have the liver resection surgery. So far they did the liver embolization, and his liver grew to 1/3 of its original size in 3 weeks, in about 2 he will have the liver resection surgery, but so far so good.
    This is a very personal decision but for what we have read this is the best way to increase your chances.
    Wish you the best.
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    MrsBucky and Gallbladder Cancer
    Hi: There is a discussion board for gallbladder cancer that may help you with your decisions. Lots of good information there. It is under rare or miscellenaous cancers not under gallbladder. It also includes lots of liver cancer information. I had routine gallbladder removal surgery and ended up with not only the gallbladder cut out but also a tumour 4 cm long that had grown up through the gallbladder wall and into the liver. So, they also cut out part of the liver. The surgeon also found some "seeds" of cancer on the lomentum (fat pad) on the upper intestine. I haven't yet had a treatment plan from our Cancer Centre (I'm a Canadian) because the incision has not yet healed enough to start chemo or whatever plan the oncology team comes up with.