Gastric NHL B & T Cell Bulky Treatment Side-Effects: Short-Term Memory Loss

lvraider Member Posts: 5
I had 6-Velcade & 8-Rituxan which did not work in 2004 & then had 23-days of radiation at UCLA in 10-04. That made remission which is continuing. I did have nasty swollen veins, with tattoo like long lasting vein reactions to the Velcade (Bortezomib) when they did 30-second push. After two doses I requested a 3-minute injection. I was the test case on that drug.

I followed up with 3-yrs of twice a yr 4-Rituxan doses for maintenance. Still in remission, but with permanent gastritis. I did take two years of Nexium which I was told by the manufacture to stop taking it. It is not designed for that long of use. Did take lots of 100mg vioxx which could have caused the ulcer. Too late to sue. It did give me 3-hospital visits for suspected heart attacks.

Anyone experiencing the dreaded memory loss? Mine is really nasty short-term & now even an occasional dumb long-term remark or two. Any sources for this problem?