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My husband saw a Urologist today, not the one the ER recommended, I didn't like the tone or attitude of the receptionist on the phone, so I called his family doc and he recommended a doc. Doc did a scope in the office, bladder checked out fine, no masses. Thank God. We sat in his office and looked up his last CT scan in December, no masses in the kidneys. His conclusion - there are large blood vessels around the prostate and when someone is on a high dosage of coumadin, the vessels are known to leak. I did tell the doc that he was on 14 mg of coumadin and then his family doc took him down to 13 mg. I know that it isn't much of a change, but his doc is afraid of clotting. Even though he is on such a high dose he still doesn't bleed much when he cuts himself. Well, I just want to thank everyone for your support again, while I was freakin out. Our trip is on and we are now all packed for the caribbean. Can't wait. Again, thanks and God Bless all of you. Margaret


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    Good for you guys! I am
    Good for you guys! I am really glad you got good news + you are able to take your trip. Enjoy yourselves!
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    Irie, Irie Man
    That's "alright man" in Carriebean speak:)

    Sounds like a lovely trip...have a wonderful time.

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    That's great news Margaret! Enjoy that trip!
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    Thank goodness!!! I hope your trip is fabulous.

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    Have fun!
    Wow, glad it all turned out o.k! Have a fun trip.

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    Have a great trip to the Caribbean! Enjoy every moment and have a big pina colada for me. You deserve it!
    I don't know any caribbean speak like craig :)
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    That's good.Have a great
    That's good.Have a great trip!
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    "there are large blood vessels around the prostate and when someone
    is on a high dosage of coumadin, the vessels are known to leak. "

    My friend's wife was losing blood internally, and all her docs could
    not explain where it was going.

    One doc finally took her off the very modest (low) dose of
    coumadin, and the loss stopped.

    A combination of blood thinners and a low salt/sodium diet can
    cause the blood to lose it's ability to coagulate; it manages to seep
    through the vessels that once contained it.

    Taking in chemicals is not an answer to our ills; they are the cause.
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    Thank you
    Thank you everyone for your good wishes. I will have a great time, no cell phone use, no problems to take care of, just relaxing. I booked my husband a 4 hour fishing trip, not just for him to have fun, but I want 4 hours of relaxing by the pool and knitting and reading. All week I thought we would have to cancel the trip and reschedule because of my husband's condition, but yesterday I thought he would be canceling to go to my funeral. At the day care the ladies had what they call a dip day. Everyone brings in a dip and crackers or whatever goes with their dip of choice. Well, stupid me took a bite out of a baby carrot and then the phone rang, as boss I had to get the phone, so I took a deep breath like a fool and the carrot bite went right down and lodged in my throat. I couldn't cough it out or swallow. Two young girls were with me and they asked if okay, i shook my head no and they didn't know what to do. I jumped up and down really hard and the carrot flew out of my mouth. I apologized to the girls for spitting it on the floor and then thanked them for their help. We all laughed, because I joked about I am not even sick and I could have died. I told them I feel I am now living on borrowed time. The joke of the day was, don't choke in front of Maria and Amanda! I will keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers while away. Take care and I will post pictures when I return. Again thanks for the good wishes. God Bless all of you. Margaret