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I have IDC grade 1, stage III, Have had chemo first, surgery second, and now I am facing radiation and pills. Anyone out there with similiar or exact cancer. 14 lymph nodes negative and 1 positive. How was your experience so far? How long have you dealt with this cancer.


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    I also had
    I also had IDC stage IIIa, 6.5 cm tumor, 2/12 nodes positive. Did the lumpectomy, 4 rounds of A/C then 12 weeks of taxol. This was followed by 33 rounds (daily 5 days a week) of radiation. I finished the last of that 01.15.10. Most of my side effects were minimal (just a real pain in the a**), rash from the sun (stay out of it), metal taste in my mouth, eyes that teared constantly. I wasn't really nauseous except when I suggested we cut down on the steriods (that's why I'm not a doctor and shouldn't be listened to). I was tired alot, especially after I started the taxol, which I found harder than the A/C. I was sometimes so tired I thought tired would kill me -- it didn't. Radiation was way easier. Through every thing drink lots of water, be good to yourself and tell your medical team anything that's going on with you, no matter how big or small. If they're good they're there 24/7. Hopefully you have a support team near you, but no matter how good they are, we've all found this site to be one of the best support teams you'll ever find.
    April 22nd was 1year cancer free. I feel good, hair coming back, energy level up and plan on being here to dance at my granddaughters' weddings (they're 17 and 14) and spoil their kids like I have them.
    I'm glad you've found this site, but am so sorry for the reason you're here. Know you're in my prayers.
    Keep in touch.