Mom's emotions are all over the map -from ending it to rehab?

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My mom (77 years old) finished her first round of chemo last week for lung cancer. I am just trying to figure out what is going on with her emotionally.

She is in the hospital at this time for her treatment and to regulate her oxygen levels.

Her emotions and mental state are all over the map. On day she will tell us she wants to die, get her out of there, come get her or she will pull all her stuff out and fall on the floor to die. Then the next day she doesn't remember any of these conversations and is talking about getting out going home with a nurse or to rehab.

Its just my sister and I taking care of her. We are trying to figure out her after hospital care whether it be home with a nurse or in a rehab or skilled nursing facility but with these changes daily it is hard to judge the type of care required.

They originally had her on xanex for her emotions for a couple of weeks but stopped one day since her oxygen levels were low..they wanted to rule that out as being the cause. So I thought maybe the sudden stoppage may be causing the mood swings. So they then put her on halydoll (sp). But still she is just so unpredictable.

My son and I were will her for about 5 hours yesterday at the hospital until the evening and had a great day..talking about our next move in getting her out of there. Then @ 7 am this morning I get the screaming phone call to get her out of there..she wants to die.

Its just been such a rollercoaster. I don't want to call hospice now even though she is yelling to end it..just because I can't trust her mental state. I have asked the hospital to send in someone to do a psychiatric consult. But has anyone had experience with these types of behaviors.