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Hello and thank you William Marshall for the welcome comment in another post. I read in one of the posts that you are interested in how people are first diagnosed. My husband went into his internist over 2 yrs. ago for his routine physical. It was noted that he had a little anemia in his blood work. The dr. sent him in for a scope, just to check. What they found was a 6 cm. tumor at the EJ junction. First they thought he just had stomach cancer but an EUS found it in the lower esophagus also. He had no pain, difficulty swallowing or anything else. He'd been on medication for years for reflux but it controlled the reflux well. We had the same sick feeling when we met with the oncologist several days later that all of you had! It was a nightmare. Tests and scans showed T3N0M1. He had 4 heavy duty cycles of TCF and then off to surgery. He was to have the gastric pullup but ended up having a colon interposition, where they use colon rather than stomach because of the extent of the cancer. It wasn't something the surgeon was planning on, but I can't encourage people enough to go to a very experienced thoracic surgeon for this surgery as we did. He's had some issues to deal with after the surgery but life is different and we've adjusted. He's back to work full time now and we keep things simple as possible. We've been blessed with so many angels that God has sent to us these years. It's a true test of faith and I know God is very pleased with my husband for his acceptance and belief that He will help us deal with things if we let Him.
My daily prayers go out especially to all affected by this terrible cancer.



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    congratulations and Welcome
    Hi Bonnie,
    Welcome to this site. Thank you for posting your wonderful news. I am so glad that you and your husband had such a wonderful experience fighting this cancer. It is good to hear the good stories. I was a caregiver for my dad. He had ec, then got mets to his liver in December. He passed away on 3/9/10. We fought it with all we could, but it got us in the end. Best of luck to you and your husband.
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